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June is National Safety Month

#1 tip to Parents: Communication & Internet Stalking:

Talk, talk, talk to your kids about their day and if they did any internet searches & what they viewed. It’s important in this day & age to also check their “browsing history” to be sure they did not accidentally get directed to a site you do not approve or trust. Also remind them to never give their personal info over the internet & if anyone ever asked them for their phone/address then they need to report right away! Assure them you Love them & trust them & want to keep them safe!

#2 – Kids & Pets in Cars: Please~ never leave a child or pet in a car while you quickly run into a store. Heat can create health injuries & even worse, can kill! If you see a child or pet in a car- report it to the store manager & ask them to broadcast it over the intercom to ask the owner to return to their vehicle immediately. Read the Florida law, Section 316.6135.

Visit: for more safety topics & work safety services.

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