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Before you start your American Red Cross online learning *Turn off the pop-up blocker!
Copy paste this link into your browser: Chrome or Safari or Firefox recommended for these online courses:

First Aid:

Adult CPR/AED:

The American Red Cross makes CPR certification fast, simple & easy. Digital certificates allow you to get anytime, anywhere access plus the ability to print, share, & download them wherever & whenever you like.

Employers: Each certificate includes a unique ID and a QR code which allows employers to easily confirm the certificate is valid. Class participants and employers can visit and enter the ID found on the digital certificate. You can also use this link:

American Red Cross central texas classes
American heart central texas classes

Troubleshooting Tips for Red Cross Blended Learning Links

For Blended Learning Students: YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE PORTION PRIOR TO ATTENDING YOUR CLASSROOM SKILLS SESSION. The amount of time it will take you to complete the online portion of the class will vary based on a number of factors including topics covered and the speed of your internet connection. We suggest you complete the online portion at least two days prior to attending the in-person classroom skills session.

You will set up a Direct Link account and will use your email address as your username and create your own alpha-numeric password (no special characters). So please write them down since you may have to complete the training over several hours/days. 

Forgot Password: You should go through the “Forgot Password?” process on the Direct Links log-in screen. You will be prompted to enter their email address. You will be emailed a link to reset your password. The email will come from "DO NOT REPLY – RED CROSS LEARNING". Do not call Red Cross- you can only reset via email.

Once you have completed the online portion, print your online completion confirmation and bring it to your classroom skills session. If you are unable to print the online completion confirmation, we suggest you use your cell phone camera to take a picture of the screen display for proof that you completed the online portion.


Additionally: See directions below to turn off/disable your pop-up blocker for your browser. 


If you started the course before taking off pop-up blocker then go to your settings and delete browsing history/clear cache. Then reopen a new internet tab and copy/paste the Direct Link you were provided to log-in then click the "Launch" link or continue with previous online learning.


Internet Explorer: Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options”, and “Privacy.”

Chrome: Go to the Chrome menu “Settings” then “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page. Under “Privacy” select “Content settings” and scroll down to the “pop-ups” section.

Firefox on PC: Go to the Firefox menu “Content.”

Firefox on Mac: Go to the Firefox menu “Preferences” and then “Content.”

Safari on Mac: Go to the Safari menu “Preferences” and then “Security.”

If your browser prompts you with a question about secure content, answer it in a way that allows you to see all material. If at any time while taking the online portion of this class you receive a time out warning, just click “OK” and continue the class. 


Adobe Flash player is required for this online learning and you can download a free copy on the internet from:

(For technical issues: If you have followed steps above and still can’t launch the link properly then you can call 1-800-733-2767 for assistance and troubleshooting or email us.

American Heart learners please visit: to order your eCard on file


  • I lost my American Red Cross certificate, how can I get another copy?
    A. You can visit to search by Email Address or Name & Date. B. Call 1-800-733-2767, 7:30am-10:00pm Est., for a digital copy. C. Email: and provide as much information as possible such as your name, zip code, email, class date, where training was performed, and organization name (Red White Blue CPR LLC) and they will reply within 72 hours. D. You can write us to our mailing address (coming soon) or email: or call us at 254-500-8457
  • Do I need to purchase my own Red Cross or American Heart participant material?
    Red Cross materials are not required to participate in a class, you may, however, visit: to download FREE digital materials, handbooks, reference guides, skill sheets, and manuals. Our company will provide you with classroom ready reference materials to use during class & keep for work or personal use. ​ The American Heart Association does require BLS learners to have a manual. You will have option to choose ISBN: 978-1-61669-768-6 hard copy or ISBN: 978-1-61669-799-0 eBook format before class begins. Buy from: or
  • How can my employer verify my Red Cross certification?
    Please have your employer visit and enter your certificate ID# from your certificate to validate it. Or you can also contact 1.800.Red.Cross (733.2767) to request a digital copy be emailed.
  • American Heart E-Cards - Can employers claim an E-Card on behalf of the student?
    It is not recommended for employers to claim their employee cards but if the employer is paying for the student then they can speak to instructor about process to claim the card. If student does claim their card then an employer can visit the website,, and validate eCards through a code located on a student’s eCard. *Note- all our A.H.A. E-Cards will be printed with our Training Center name: Pasco Hernando State College or Babcock Healthcare Education Reason: Red White Blue CPR is a Training Site under a A.H.A. Authorized Training Center that tracks & sells all cards issued to training sites.
  • Do I need to purchase my own mask, gloves, etc.?
    No. All equipment is provided in class for the skills session practice. You will have the option to purchase the Keychain mask/gloves set for $10 for your personal use if desired. We save you the shipping cost. At any time, you can also visit to purchase emergency kits, first aid kits, AED's, CPR masks and more.
  • Will my employer accept American Red Cross or American Heart certificate?
    You must check with your employer or prospective employer to confirm they will accept the certificate. Some employers accept both organization certificates and others will only accept one type. It is your responsibility to validate what training you require before registering for a class. No refunds will be issued after a class has been taken & completed. ​ Where is the American Heart BLS Online link to complete the online portion before attending the Skills session? ​
  • How do I claim my American Heart Association Card?
    1. You will receive an email from with a link inviting you to claim your eCard online. If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam or Junk folders prior to alerting your Training Center or Instructor. Please add the email address,, to your Address Book or Contacts in your email server. 2. The link within the email will direct you to the Student Profile web page, which will be prepopulated with your first name, last name, email address, eCard code, AHA Instructor name, and Training Center -Babcock Health Education Services- our parent facility. Your phone number is optional. 3. Once you have confirmed that your information is accurate, you will set up a security question and answer to access your eCard(s) in the future. 4. After setting up your security question and answer, accept the terms and conditions of the site and click “Submit.” 5. You will be directed to fill out a brief survey about the AHA course you just completed. Please note that if you do not claim your eCard, you will not be able to show proof of course completion to your employer. If your employer requires proof of completion, you can email them a copy from the eCard landing page. After you have accessed your eCard, you will receive an email from the AHA confirming that your eCard has been claimed. Save the confirmation email for your records. You can view your eCard online through the AHA’s website,, at any time. Simply enter your first and last name and email address, or the eCard code found on your eCard. Your employer can verify your eCard at to confirm issuance by a valid Training Center and Instructor aligned with that Training Center. Employers are only able to verify your card if you have completed steps 1-5. You will have 3 options to view or print it: Save as PDF: Upon choosing your preferred size to view, you can save your eCard to your computer for future use. QR Code: For students with a QR code reader, you can access your eCard on a mobile device as needed. Printing: Your eCard can be viewed as a PDF and can be printed either wallet size (2.5” x 3.5”) to be cut out or full size (8.5” x 11”) for easy filing.
  • Will employers accept online-only courses?
    Most employers will not accept online-only certificates as validation. Employers require you actually perform the skills session in-classroom to prove you know the hands-on portion. Real life situations need real-life practice! The classroom session completed after the online portion meets the hands-on skills that employers require.
  • What are the benefits of a Blended Learning course?
    You will save time by completing the online portion of the course and you will have unlimited online attempts to complete the coursework before attending the skills session. It will take a few hours to complete so please plan in advance and do not count on completing it the day of class since unexpected issues can arise such as your internet going down, family emergency etc...You must also pass the hands-on skill session to get a certificate. ​
  • When will I receive my Red Cross card and what if I wanted a hard copy?
    Cards are issued digitally and a complimentary printed copy will be issued on-site at the end of class. All certificates (digital or hard copy) are printed with front only, there is no back to an American Red Cross card. Digital copy of your card can be requested for FREE from us. You may also call 1.800.733.2767 for a FREE digital copy or request a hard copy mailed to you for $7.95 shipping from the Red Cross customer service. ​
  • If I signed up for CPR/AED but also needed First Aid can I add it during my class?
    Yes, you can add another component but it will be an additional $20 payment required during class and you must notify instructor before class begins and an instructor has to confirm that there is an extra seat available for that component. Note* If you paid for a full course but do not stay to complete the entire course, you will not get certified for the component you missed and no refunds will be issued.
  • What if I'm tardy to class?
    You must arrive early or on-time since class is held on a strict schedule. If you are tardy, you will not be allowed to attend class. You will have the option to reschedule. No refunds will be issued.
  • What if I can’t find a babysitter, can I bring children?
    Red White Blue CPR LLC apologizes but due to limited space and time constraints, no children are allowed, you will need to reschedule.
  • What if I have a friend/family who did not have time to register and wanted to attend the classroom or blended version course with me?
    Yes, if there are seats still available and class is not full, Red White Blue CPR LLC accepts walk-ins as long as they bring a credit card to pay through our on-site card reader or cash. Checks are not permitted, at time of class and sign the roster with their name, address, email, and phone to ensure proper delivery of their card. Note*If attending a Blended class, they must complete the Direct Link online learning and bring their printed certificate or cell phone picture to show proof to the instructor. There is no payment required to use the Direct Link. Every walk-in must create their own username (email address) and their own password to complete it under their own name. Direct Links are listed above.
  • Are the manikins sanitized regularly?
    es, the manikins are disinfected and sanitized after every class. Also, Red White Blue CPR LLC provides a disposable mouth guard and glove set to each learner. Note: If you have a communicable disease, you must notify the instructor for additional instructions.
  • Is food or drink provided?
    One free water bottle is provided to each learner. You may bring your own beverage in a secure container or a snack if class is over 2.5 hours.
  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) - Can I take the class with a disability?
    Yes, disabled learners can take the class but contact us prior to the start of class, preferably 3 days in advance, to set up additional time as needed. If you can perform the critical elements of motor skills such as sequence, timing, duration, and technique without assistance, you can receive a certificate. Psychomotor skills are allowed to be modified as long as you meet the objective successfully.
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