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Hawaii water utility cited for exposing workers to trenching hazards

The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division issued nine citations and $198,828 in penalties to the City and County of Honolulu Board of Water Supply for exposing workers to trenching and excavation hazards. Inspectors concluded that the employer failed to provide a safe means of exit, properly install a shoring system, and control the accumulation of water in a trench where three workers were installing a water main.

The utility was cited for these violations in 2014 and 2017. Citation 1 Item 1a, Serious $7,968.00 Citation 1 Item 1b, Serious $0.00 Citation 1 Item 2, Serious $7,968.00 Citation 1 Item 3, Serious $9,961.00 Citation 1 Item 4a, Serious $9,961.00 Citation 1 Item 4b, Serious $0.00 Citation 2 Item 1, Repeat-Serious $63,375.00 Citation 2 Item 2, Repeat-Serious $63,375.00 Citation 2 Item 3, Repeat-Serious $36,220.00 TOTAL PENALTIES: $198,828.00

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