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NIH MedlinePlus Magazine Highlights NINR Palliative Care Resources

This spring, NIH MedlinePlus magazine has a focus on caregiving. It highlights several resources from NINR that can be useful to those caring for a family member or loved one. The Palliative Care: Conversations Matter ® campaign was developed to increase the use of palliative care for children and teens living with serious illnesses. It provides free brochures, fact sheets, and videos for families.

The magazine also discusses the full spectrum of support that palliative care can provide to people of all ages. One recent NINR-funded study by Dr. Betty Ferrell at City of Hope National Medical Center in California examines how palliative care can support lung cancer patients and their caregivers.

NIH MedlinePlus magazine is produced by NIH, the National Library of Medicine, and the Friends of the National Library of Medicine. To read the spring issue and learn more about NIH’s work on caregiving, please visit:

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