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OSHA participates in National Forklift Safety Day

On June 12, forklift manufacturers across the country participated in National Forklift Safety Day, an annual event sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), a longtime OSHA Alliance Partner. In Washington, D.C., OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary Loren Sweatt addressed ITA members and others to emphasize the importance of incorporating safety into work practices every day and training those who work with or around forklifts. Information on safe forklift operation is available in a new OSHA QuickCard with tips on how to avoid common hazards associated with forklift operations. See the QuickCard below and download a copy to print & share at:

Safe Forklift Operation Forklift operators and employees working around these operations are at risk of hazards such as collisions, falls, tip-overs, and struck-by conditions. Ways to prevent this hazards include:

Forklift Operations • Always wear a seatbelt when the vehicle has one. • Never exceed the rated load and ensure it is balanced. • Place the forklift in neutral and set the parking brake before raising the load. • Keep a safe distance from platform and ramp edges. • Be aware of other forklifts in the work area. • Have clear visibility of the work area when loading and operating a forklift. • Use the grab bar and proper footing to enter the lift. • Use lights, mirrors, and horns. • Watch for pedestrians and observe the speed limit. • Do not use the forks to lift people.

Safety Training • Only trained workers may operate a forklift. • Ensure operators are trained on types of trucks in use.

Forklift Maintenance • Remove from service any forklift found to be in unsafe operating condition. • Perform preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. • Keep forklifts in clean condition; free of lint, excess oil, and grease.

For more information: (800) 321-OSHA (6742)

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