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Blood Donations Save Lives

When Jacqueline needed heart surgery at eight years old, there was a shortage of type O negative blood. Her surgery had to be postponed – a nightmare for her family. Thankfully, people came through with blood donations that would help save her life. Today, Jacqueline is healthy and thriving. You can help make sure all patients have blood when they need it. If you are able to, please

Only You Can Fill the Gaps

Missing As, Bs, and Os don’t just look odd. When A, B and O blood types are missing from hospital shelves, lives of patients are on the line. Iconic brands, celebrities and influencers have joined the #MissingType movement this summer to raise awareness that new blood donors are needed every day to save the lives of patients who depend on the generosity of volunteer donors. Schedule to donate today and help save a life!

Three Ways to Help Save a Life

Donate Blood

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. You have the A, B, or O blood patients need.

Spread the Word

Join iconic brands and celebrities and share a #MissingType message with friends and family.

Refer a Friend

Every two seconds someone needs blood. Fewer people are donating . Help more patients by bringing a friend.

The #MissingType Movement

More than 25 countries are participating in the #MissingType movement. Join the conversation

Did you know?

Every two seconds, someone needs blood.

Fewer people are donating blood.

Only about 3% of the U.S. population donates blood.

1 donation can potentially save up to 3 lives.

Make appointment in your area now online by visiting:

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