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Montana man is lucky to be alive after a stranger gave him CPR

Posted: Jul 14, 2017 10:57 AM EDT

By Cassie Schirm

Big Sky -

One Montanan is lucky to be alive after a sudden heart attack in the woods and some life-saving help from a passerby.

Our Cassie Schirm went to Big Sky to speak with the Singer family, who is grateful to still have their dad and husband.

It was on the Ousel Falls Trail at Big Sky where Jill and Jason found themselves battling life and death after Jason fell off his bike, went into cardiac arrest and his heart stopped beating.

Jill Singer was riding bikes with her husband Jason on the trail and next thing she knew he was on the ground looking like he was choking then everything stopped.

“At the scene he had no heartbeat and no breath,” said Jill Singer. “So he was cold and blue and you couldn't see his breath so it was really scary."

Jill Singer didn't know what to do, but luckily for the Singer family Kevin Budd passed by and he happened to be EMT certified and apart of Big Sky's Search and Rescue team.

"He impacted all of our lives by being the absolute right person at the right time,” said Jill. “The CPR and just having that person there who has the skills is what saved his life."

While this was going on the Singer family was holding their breath.

"I just kept thinking about my kids faces and how they can't grow up without a dad," said Jill.

The three boys said they were worried and couldn’t imagine life without their dad.

It wasn’t until a few days later and a Facebook post searching for their hero that the family would learn the name of the EMT that saved Jason’s life.

“Big Sky is a really small town so I knew it wouldn't take long to find him but I really wanted to reach out to him and thank him,” said Jill. “ I really can’t wait to talk with him soon.

Now that Jason is back home with his family he wants to thank those who rescued him.

"I say thank you from the bottom my heart you helped keep me around the father for my three boys and husband for my wife and I can't thank you enough. You helped to help to keep me alive you can't even say thanks enough for something like that." said Jason Singer, Heart Attack Survivor.

The family says the community has really stepped up and came together after this scary incident.

“One second I felt dizzy and then another second I woke up in the hospital it's pretty shocking, but then all the support from the community that's come out of this phone calls, text, Facebook stuff like that is pretty unbelievable,” said Jason.

Jill says she hopes this reminds other Montanans the importance of being CPR certified.

“A couple of people have reached out to us already saying your situation really inspired me to re-certify myself for CPR,” said Jill. “I think it's important. The ability to give that back to somebody that's priceless it affects so many lives."

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