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Affordable Classes

 American Heart BLS or American Red Cross 2-year Certifications


We Specialize in Training your Employees for Corporations, Businesses, Organizations, and Churches! We set up in your conference room or meeting space and bring all equipment to train up to 12 learners per session. Multiple sessions can be set up for same-day or multiple dates. We have several packages created just for you that your Accounts Payable team would love since we make invoicing easy. Call, email, or text us today for a quote for group training! 

Contact Red White Blue CPR to get the professional training you need!

American Red Cross or American Heart Assoc. certificates are valid for employer requirements when taking either a Classroom or Blended (partial online + partial classroom) version.

*Fees below include the instructor training fee & cost of the card fee

Instructors purchase the cards separately from the American Red Cross average cost $22-$36 per card or American Heart average cost $6-$35.00 per card therefore class prices include card & training.

Optional purchase is a Red Cross Key-chain Glove & Mask set for $5 or a Adult & Infant Pocket Mask & Glove set for $12. Highly recommended for personal use for your safety & protection! You may purchase one from the Instructor before or after class. 

Lost card: If you took a class with us then lost your card & need a second one -the Digital copy is Free and can be sent to you via email. A Printed version is $5 and can be picked up or mailed. You must contact us ahead of time by email or phone to request it. Thank you!

Key: Pediatric =infant & child; FA=First Aid; AED=Automated External Defibrillator

 American Heart Assoc. BLS for Providers - Basic Life Support
All are Classroom versions with one Blended version available.

BLS New $60
BLS Renewal $55

AHA requires all learners possess a manual. RWB CPR will provide a manual during classroom training but it will remain the property of RWB CPR for future class uses. To purchase your own manual please visit : or you may buy from or Amazon

Heartsaver Adult CPR/AED/First Aid $80
Heartsaver Adult &
 Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid $90
*See the tab- "Class Calendar & Register" to view more AHA class options with pricing

authorized american heart training ctr

If you need a New or Renewed BLS or CPR card - you have come to the right place! Doctor, Nurse, EMT, Firefighter, Medical Technician, Hospital employee, Security Guard, Construction Worker, Cell Phone Satellite Installer, CNA, Daycare worker, Teacher, Gym employee, Coach, Manufacturer worker and many more professions need a class every 2 years to stay prepared and up-to-date! 

Don't wait- schedule a class today!



We train up to 12 coaches per class for Cpr/Aed/Choking/First Aid/Heat Stroke and more.

Spinning Class
Basketball Class

American Red Cross 


American Heart Assoc

certificates valid for             2 years! 

Call 254-500-8457

American Red Cross Classroom Learning Versions and Basic Life Support Classroom Version 

Proud Provider of Red Cross Training
  • Manuals are not required by the American Red Cross. All manuals are separate purchases from the Red Cross store. If you do not have time to purchase one then we will provide classroom manuals for training purposes but RWB CPR manuals will remain in the classroom.

  • Adult CPR/AED/Choking: $68 (2:00 hrs)

  • Adult First Aid & CPR/Choking $80 (2:30 hrs)

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/Choking/AED: $85 (3 hrs)

  • Adult and Pediatric CPR/Choking/AED: $70 (2:30 hrs)

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid & CPR/Choking $85 (3 hours)

  • Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/Choking/AED: $90 (3:30 hrs)

  • Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS): $80 (3:30 hours)

  • Basic Life Support Participant’s Manual can be purchased from the Red Cross Store: or you may use our copy during the in-class training.

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training: $31 (1-hour)

  • Adult First Aid and CPR/AED and BBP: $105 (4 hrs)

  • Professional Babysitting (Includes Handbook & CD): $70 (7:00 hours) *Note-Not for Daycare employment - ages recommended 11-15 years.

  • Citizen Hands-Only Adult CPR/AED/Choking - Scheduled upon request for a date/time of your choosing. Up to 20 learners per class and we can come with our mobile service to your clubhouse, church, business, etc..(*Note- this training is Not for employment. It is to prepare you to help as a bystander until help arrives) -------------- $10 (1:30 hours)

  • Citizen Hands-Only Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/Choking - Scheduled upon request for a date/time of of your choosing. Up to 20 learners per class and we can come with our mobile service to your clubhouse, church, business, etc..(*Note- this training is Not for employment. It is to prepare you to help as a bystander until help arrives)------------------------------------------------------------------ $15 (2 hours)

American red cross Babysitter class

American Red Cross Blended Learning Versions

  • Adult CPR/AED/Choking: $65 (1 hour online + 1 hour classroom)

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED/Choking: $75 (2:05 hour online + 1:30 hour classroom)

  • Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED/Choking: $65 (1:40 hour online + 1:00 hour classroom)

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR: $75 (2:45 online + 1:30 hour classroom)

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED: $80 (2:45 hour online + 1:45 hour classroom)

  • First Aid: $60 (1:35 hour online + 45-minute classroom)

  • BLS

  • Basic Life Support (BLS): $75 (1:5 hour online + 2 hour classroom) We provide you the online link to complete your online portion before attending the classroom skills portion.

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CPR Blended Learning Classes

Flexible Scheduling and Payment Options:

1. Call us to schedule a class at your facility with a minimum of 4 learners.

2. We will then set up a pre-registration link on our website for learners to enter their name, email, and phone information for roster purposes. Your information will be kept private for Instructor use only and not shared or be visible to the public. It is our highest code of conduct to protect you.

3. When registering through the roster link you may choose  to prepay on our website with Debit, Credit, or Paypal. You also have the option to pay at start of class with Debit, Credit, or Cash. No checks allowed unless pre-approved by management for large business/company/organization only.

4. Invoicing allowed to companies/businesses/organizations which must be pre-approved under a 30-day net term.

5. Receipt will be issued on-site for the "Pay in Person" option or online prepayment.

6. You will receive your online registration confirmation immediately with date, time, and location.

7. Classroom materials will be provided for all classes. BLS learners will have the option to buy their own BLS book before attending class or use our classroom copy which must be returned for reuse. 

*Reminder- all seats must be reserved and pre-registered with or without a payment before attending the class. Payment can then be made at start of class if preferred.


Cancellation Policy:

For prepaid registrations: We will reschedule instead of cancelling at no extra charge!

Exception will be if there is not an open date acceptable for both parties then a refund will be issued with no class performed and no certificate issued.

Note: Most employers accept American Red Cross or American Heart Association cards. It is the responsibility of each learner to check with their employer as refunds can not be issued after class is taken.

Did you know you could take a Cat and Dog First Aid online class? 

You love your pets, and want to give them the best life possible; being equipped to deliver first aid and provide a healthy lifestyle for your pet is the best way to do that. You will learn the basics of providing

first aid care for your cat or dog, and will learn how to best give care for common emergency situations. This 35 minute online course covers understanding your pet's vital signs, breathing and cardiac emergencies, wounds and bleeding, seizures, and preventative care for cats and dogs. This course is desktop and tablet compatible. $25 - Use the link below to sign-up on the website.

  • Future Classes to be added:

  • Wilderness and Remote First Aid: $150 (18 hours - 2 days outdoor classroom) We train outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who spends time in remote environments. We'll teach advanced skills to be used in emergencies when help from professional responders is delayed. Contact us to schedule a weekend or two days during the week.

  • Responding to Emergencies: Comprehensive First Aid/CPR/AED: $300 (30 hours - 4 days classroom)

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