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Hands-Only CPR training at Bradenton Tropical Palms

Citizen Hands-Only CPR class was performed for residents in Bradenton, Fl. at Tropical Palms in their auditorium on 4.03.2018.

Here are some of their survey comments:

"I liked best the practice because I have not had a course in 6 yrs",

"Everyone needs this!",

"The practice made me realize how much actual pressure has to be applied",

"Great presentation-well done!",

I liked practicing on the dummy",

"I liked all of it as it was very informative. Looking forward to more people in our park being trained in 2019",

"Thanks so much Aprile!"

It was very successful and much appreciated and Red White Blue CPR was asked to come back to conduct another class in the winter when the snowbirds return. View this picture on their facebook at:

Our Hands-Only is a very popular & inexpensive.

How much is a life? Answer: Priceless

by: Aprile Snyder - Instructor

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