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Man collapses at gym and is saved by an employee armed with AED & CPR training

Today' success story was high in emotions for the CrossFit Proven company had one of their beloved members suffered a sudden cardiac arrest as he was getting ready to start his workout during the 4:15 class. Luckily enough, their team and members acted fast and brought Jim back to life thanks to CPR techniques and the use of the AED. Crossfit affiliate owners were urged to ensure all your coaches are CPR & First Aid certified and to have an AED at hand in their facility. This is not an ad! CPR and AEDs DO save lives, and they definitely were fortunate enough to have one at hand. Don’t be cheap- make the investment! You will NEVER regret it. Better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it 👌🏼 Below is a quick paragraph explaining difference between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest: A heart attack is caused by a circulation or plumbing problem of the heart, when one (or more) of the arteries delivering blood to the heart is blocked. Oxygen in the blood cannot reach the heart muscle, and the heart muscle becomes damaged. In contrast, Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart's lower chambers (ventricles) suddenly develop a rapid, irregular rhythm causing the ventricles to quiver rather than contract. The man was taken to the hospital shortly after he was brought back to life. He underwent surgery and is well with no brain damage.

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