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Great CPR class BLS class pictures and hand-written testimonials when you scroll through our collection. Check us out! 

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Great testimonials and pics!

June 13, 2019- Blended learning with partial online & then finish up in the classroom version is highly liked by many learners who love the option to do online learning before attending class. This next learner's participation proved it works & we can not add "emotion" much through this writing but the instructor loved the learner's highly motivated attitude & positivity during class this day. -"I love the hands-on aspect & found nothing I did not like about this blended class. Teacher (Aprile) was amazing! I learned alot from her." - Nicole B.

BLS Blended Learning was Excellent

Partial online learning & partial classroom course

June 8,2019 - "I loved the hands-on portion because you get a chance to become familiar with the technique. Thank you to Red White Blue CPR! I will definitely be back!" - Daria A.

I will definitely be back!

Highly Satisfied Customer!

June 4, 2019 learner commented- "I appreciated the flexibility of a class being made available to me when I called with a quick notice"  Needed it fast & Loved they were able to get me scheduled immediately for a soon class! - Mary K A.

Appreciate the flexibility of trainer available at quick notice!

Flexibility & Response was fast!

June 1, 2019 class comment- "Hands-on skills & feedback during hands-on training was the part I liked the most. My least favorite part was the length of videos due to how they break them down. Video presentation could be more effecient" - Sarah B.

Lengthy videos could be made more efficient

June 1 2019 class

May 26,2019 class- "I enjoyed the videos & scenarios. Also practice with the mannicans. I enjoyed the entire course. Aprile did an excellent job with this BLS training." - Deb C.

Enjoyed the Scenarios

American Heart BLS May 26 2019

Daycare worker commented on May 25,2019 class-"Liked ability to practice alot. Am so thankful for April's teaching. She was thorough & answered my questions"- Marilia S.

So Thankful!

Red Cross Pediatric CPR AED

May 15, 2019- "I really enjoyed being able to practice CPR hands-on since I am more of a hands-on learner rather than visual. Honestly, I enjoyed all of it. Each course was interesting & knowledgeable. My teacher, Aprile, was amazing & easy to learn from. She had answers for all my questions. By far an awesome class!" - Kaitlyn McC.

Hands-On Learner loved this class!

Adult & Pediatric First Aid and CPR

Thanks for excellent American Heart BLS training on May 18, 2019. I learned alot for my career as a phlebotomist at jail & hospital. Great instructor! Gave me wonderful feedback & made me feel comfortable.~Kyra C. 

Gave me Wonderful Feedback

May 18,2019

The instructor was amazing! Best ever. Great information & very thorough. Great review. Red White Blue CPR is five stars! I am a personal trainer from Carrollwood, Fl. & would love more locations & class times near me. I will tell my gym, Orangetheory Fitness in Wesley Chapel, about their mobile service so possibly we can get a group together for them to come on-site to do the Red Cross Adult CPR/AED class & keep everyone certified! - Nora K.

5 Star Rating!

April 30 2019

April 30, 2019 - The BLS Review class helped me review my skills to renew my BLS card. I drove from Tavares, Fl. because they offer classes 7 days a week & I could pick one that works with my schedule. Sarah R.

Great Review of Skills

April 30 2019

March 22-2019~ Even though Im only 19, I feel really confident in my CPR skills because this class taught me how to give CPR properly & efficiently. ~ Ben B.

Learned how to give CPR properly

March 22-2019

Loved the practicing CPR skills with manikin that has built-in lights to let you know if the compressions are deep enough.~ Michelle B.

Loved the Feedback device

March 29-2019

March 26, 2019- I loved the small class which gave me individualized attention and the ability to ask questions. It was also a great hands-on practice session. Tina S.

Individualized Attention

March 26-2019 Class

March 15, 2019 - I loved the online section & ability to do the BLS portion at home! Since Im a nurse with many years of experience, I still do not like having to travel to class to do the skills portion. Overall- the course was great & the Instructor-April was great too! - James B. - San Antonio, Fl.

Love the online learning portion

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March 15, 2019- I have taken this class many times. I liked the course & the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. - Nicole T. - Brooksville, Fl. 

Instructor Knowledgeable

I liked it all

March 11, 2019- I liked the hands-on practice & the videos. The Instructor was great at explaining it & giving examples. - Paola M.

Instructor was Great!

Gave real-life examples

March 10,2019-I liked everything about this course & being able to actually practice on the mannequin. I also liked watching the video to make sure I was performing the skills correctly. Thanks! Miranda A.

I liked everything about this course!

Performing Skills Correctly

I liked the hands-on aspect because it allowed me to know I was able to do it properly!

Proper & Now Confident!

Hands-On Practice

Im 19 & took the American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED class. I liked the "Dummy" training best & feel I learn much quicker with a hands-on activity. Thanks Red White Blue CPR!

Young man investing in his future career with CPR training!

Feb 20, 2019 by Elijah O.

I liked the video instruction and the timing light on the mannequin! It's a great feature that shows if Im physically compressing the full 2" down on an adult and 1 1/2" on infant. Thanks Red White Blue CPR Instructor!

Timing Light on Mannequin was Cool!

Training Public Pharmacy Employees!

Kyla Hoffer -  Feb 12, 2019 - Google & Yelp Reviews

I would give Aprile and her company an 6/5 stars if I could! It was by far the best CPR class I've taken (I've taken multiple in my career)! Smart, efficient and knows the tricks of the trade. She worked with my schedule to get me in and make sure I was signed up for the correct class! I'll use her again next time I have to renew!


Thanks Kyla! We wish you great success in your career & prosperous 2019 year! Stay safe & healthy! Aprile-Red White Blue CPR

6-STAR Review!

Preparing Travel Nurses with Basic Life Support!

Gigi King Nov. 7, 2018

5-Star Review on Google

April Is Intelligent, Friendly, An Expert In The Field & Very Passionate About Teaching Skills To Save Lives. She Is Very Professional.


Thank you Gigi! You have been great to work with & we appreciate your honest feedback! Be Prosperous in all you do & Stay Safe!

Professional Instructors with Expertise and Passion!

Everyone, even Bystanders, can learn to Save a Life!

Donna Cooper - Sept. 21, 2019- 5-Star Review on Google!

Thanks Donna for your 5-Star review! It was a pleasure to teach you recently on 9/13/2018 for your important job as a RN home-care provider. We wish you great success in all you do!

Another 5-Star Review!

Preparing Home-Care Providers!

Congrats! You got a 5-star review on Google!


Reviewed by


Sept 19, 2018

5-Star Review

Assisted Living Facility in Champions Gate

April did a fantastic job! Informative and professional!

Fantastic Job

Karen F. 9.16.2018

I loved the interaction with the instructor. The internet had a bit of lag with the video portion but overall I loved it!

Recommended by Preferred Touch Homecare

Donna C. Sept 13,2018

I loved the computer online training scenarios and I really loved that this particular company has schedules to fit anybody's needs! Thanks for working with me to reschedule my class :)

Loved Online Training & Flexible Class Options!


I liked the hands-on opportunities. The practice made me feel more confident in doing CPR! Even though I only needed this for a job working with children, I still paid and took both Adult & Pediatric portions in the event I did need to use it on a Adult. One time my husband fainted when doing work outside on the house so you never know when you may need it.

Confident to do CPR now!

Debora- August 4, 2018

I found this company which was advertised on website and then it led me to the Red White Blue CPR website. It was easy to find which class I wanted and pay online. The best part I liked was the Online pre-study link that I was able to complete before attending the classroom session. 

Loved the online pre-study

Karen - July 31, 2018

I needed this class to update my current licensing for a daycare and they were able to schedule me quickly. I also liked the option to pay with debit card during class instead of online. Also I loved the online learning which was a great tool to prepare me before class.

For Daycare employment

Amanda- July 6, 2018

I liked the hands-on skills practice the most because it was super helpful. It was easy to schedule by phone and they worked with my schedule to get me a class fast. n general, I did like the whole course and the instructor was great!

Easy to Schedule

Marissa - July 5, 2018

This was my first time taking a cpr class. Instructor knew how to explain well without being long-winded. She was very effective in her delivery. Also, I loved her smiling. 6.29.2018

Very effective delivery & smiles

Nicole 6.29.2018

I liked the hands-on training to understand the CPR depth of compression and also liked the knowledge on helping someone who is choking. 6.28.2018

Depth of Compressions & Choking

Allison Q 6.28.2018

I liked the interaction with the adult & infant dummies. It helped me gauge what 2 inches (adult/child) and 1 1/2 inches (infant) felt like. I also appreciated all my questions were answered to help me understand all the information.

Interaction with adult & infant dummies

Valerie 6.26.2018

I took the blended learning course to fulfill some graduation requirements and enjoyed the convenience of the online learning followed up by great hands-on learning! 

Blended Learning Excellent Course!

Madyson 6.24.2018

I currently work as a C.N.A. and I knew the adult portion very well. I have my own kids too and decided to take both Adult & Pediatric. The infant training about CPR was really helpful to me & I feel I can walk away with better knowledge of how to help. 6.23.2018

Infant CPR very Valuable


"I took this class to prepare to be employed by a gym. The information was very well presented. 6.20.2018

Great Presentation


I'm a volunteer firefighter in PA. for half a year and am so appreciative you could work with my schedule to set up my class while living in FL so I can take my American Red Cross certificate back to PA. Thanks Aprile! 2.22.2018


Dade City, FL

I liked all of the Citizens CPR class as it was very informative. We want you to come back to train more people in the park. Thank you! 4.03.2018


Bradenton, FL

I liked the practice on dummies best and then the videos. I had a little technical difficulty with online portion since mine was a blended class but got it finally completed on library computer. This was my second certification class, as my first was done many years ago, but this one is by far the best hands-on with lots of practice available. Thank you! 4.19.2018


Dade City, FL

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